Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Pain of Innocence

Poets have mourned for centuries on the loss of Innocence and whole nations have been blamed for the loss of Innocence. Yet the world succumbs before the truth that Innocence and Humanity cannot coexist. In spite of all those verses preaching you on Innocence, it never was a virtue and more so NOW. Sanity pleads before morality, yelling out 'Let me go. Let me abandon my Innocence with thee. What use is it to me apart from being the source of unfair affrontry and a dead weight around the neck?'

The mere evidence of its presence in your kith shrinks your soul and brings you untold pain on the realization of what pain it is about to engender him, beset by men and hounds. Then why do you still try to hold onto the rope of Innocence that is fraying before your own eyes, to keep from falling into the abyss of reality.

Knows: Dear, Don't trust everyone. They might deceive you.
Not Knows Yet: Ka, What does deceive mean?
Gulping in air. Ah! He doesn't know. Why, God?
Knows: Dear, deceive is a harsh word. It is something like. see, your friends might be with you all the time when you are having fun but later on they might leave you and even forget about you. deceive is much more than that.
Not knows Yet: But MY friends will never leave me.
Knows: (Sadly accepting the pain): Yes, Dear. Your friends wont.

Let it remain so. I shall try to preserve it until i can.
And thus the world spins.


kadambari said...

in spite of 'know'ing everything...we keep falling into the 'not knows yet' category...and hurt ourselves! somethings are never learnt!!

Ranjani said...

Sadly, That is the eternal truth of Life!